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—In 1976 a group of young Iranian graduates of Chemical Engineering and Industrial Engineering founded the company IRAN POLYURETHANE MANUFACTURING COMPANY(IPMC) as a producer of molded Polyurethane products for automotive industry such as cold cure flexible foam for seating in Iran.
—Between 1976 - 1990, IPMC succeeded in being the leading supplier for cold cure foam for seating by utilizing modern equipment through technical collaboration with BASF and ICI groups with its own trained engineers.
—In 1990, IPMC started to produce integral skin foam products principally

      automotive steering wheels.

—In 1995 IPMC started to produce bumpers for PAYKAN car  with RRIM technology (Reinforced Reaction Injection Molding).


—With the aim of supplying parts for new cars, ERISH KHODRO  MANUFACTURING  COMPANY  (EKCO) was founded by IPMC in 1999.

     In 2007, EKCO succeeded in producing Peugeot 206 headrests by means of foam in fabric technology.


—Based on years of experience in manufacturing various car seat foams and knowledge of employees in manufacturing and assembling various types of vehicle’s seat (car, bus, minibus, truck, train and airplane), PARS SEATING SYSTEMS COMPANY (PSS) was formed in 2003. Nowadays PSS products include Peugeot 206, Peugeot 405, Peugeot Pars complete seats which have all been approved by PSA (Peugeot Group).


—IPU developed special kind of Polyurethane Systems for producing aircraft seat foams in year 2007.
—Rapid progress in the Iranian automotive industry and high consumption of polyurethane based systems in our companies, led to the establishment of a company to formulate and supply polyurethane materials required in the automotive, furniture and construction industries . CASPIAN POLYURETHANE TECHNOLOGIES (CPT ) was formed in 2011.
—Since production of non airbag vehicles was forbidden in 2011 by newly regulated rules of Iran government at that time, IPU carried out a survey on the potential markets of Steering Wheel in order to have a new company founded for production of new generation of SW frames; i.e., Mg frame. Therefore MAGNESIUM GOSTAR ERISH CO. was established in 2013. MG GOSTAR ERISH is going to increase its daily capacity from 1200 Mg frames to 2400 frames per day in the current year, 2015.
—Upon establishing SAPCO by IKCO for supplying Iranian automotive parts in 1993, IPMC became one of the most important suppliers in automobile industry which had obtained the “A” grade of quality systems in IKCO, SAIPA, BAHMAN group, IKCO Diesel, etc.
—In 1995 IPMC started to produce semi rigid foam for Peugeot 405 armrest with PVC rotation molding technology for the skin and semi rigid foam for filling.

The Iran Polyurethane group is fully committed to the philosophy of ensuring customer satisfaction about the Quality of its products and services. To attain this goal it has succeeded in passing the following tests:

—Obtaining the International Standards of ISO/TS 16949: 2002 and certified by IMQ Company in 2006
—Acquiring the "A" grade of SAPCO.
—Fulfilling the requirements of RENAULT NISSAN Company and achieving the highest grade amongst RENAULT PARS suppliers
—Acquiring the “B+" grade of SAZEH GOSTAR SAIPA
—Obtaining the "A+" grade of SAIPA AZIN
—Gaining the "A" grade of EPCo.
—Obtaining the "A+" grade of BEHENGAM AFARIN SAIPA
—Obtaining the ISO 14001: 2004 and ISO 18000



Cold Cure Foam

  CASPIAN POLYURETHANE TECHNOLOGIES (CPT ) supplies polyurethane (raw) materials required for producing foams with said technology .   Cold Cure Foam technology is being used in Iran Polyurethane Manufacturing Company and ERISH KHODRO MANUFACTURING COMPANY to produce high resilience polyurethane seat foam for car ,train , aircraft ,furniture industries.        

Memory Foam (Molded)
Memory Foam (Molded)

      Molded Memory Foam technology is being used to produce orthopedic pillows, cushions and mattresses  in Iran Polyurethane manufacturing company.  For more information please check Iran Polyurethane manufacturing company website.      

Car Seat Assembling
Car Seat Assembling

      Car Seat Assembling technology  is  used to produce complete (driver and front passenger and rear) car seats in PSS CO. For more information please check PSS  company site .      

Integral Foam
Integral Foam

      Integral foam technology including  injection with high pressure machineries and Rotation machineries are being used to produce steering wheels, arm rests, interior car design, parts for Automotive Industry in ERISH KHODRO  company .  For more information please check ERISH KHODRO  company website.      

System House

      CASPIAN POLYURETHANE TECHNOLOGIES (CPT) is the First Company in Iran who has the technology to produce Cold Cure Foam, Integral Foam Polyul and Memory Foam according to all required  International  Standards .       

Cold Cure Anti Fire Foam
Cold Cure Anti Fire Foam

      For more information you can check Iran Polyurethane manufacturing company and CPT Company websites. Cold Cure Anti Fire Foam  technology by high pressure injection machineries is being used to produce Aircraft Seat foam according to all related  international licenses and KAO  requirements . Cold Cure Anti fire  Foam raw materials are producing in CASPIAN POLYURETHANE TECHNOLOGIES (CPT) company .      

Steering Wheel
Steering Wheel

Steering Wheel Magnesium Frame Magnesium Steering Wheel Frame is most popular technology to use for producing steering wheel frame for car industry which is established in MAGNESIUM GOSTAR ERISH Company. For more information  check please  MAGNESIUM GOSTAR ERISH company site.      

Memory Foam Bach Block
Memory Foam Bach Block

      Iran Polyurethane manufacturing company  is using Memory Foam Batch Block technology Box to produce memory foam layers which are using in mattresses. For more information you can check Iran Polyurethane manufacturing company and CPT Company websites . CASPIAN POLYURETHANE TECHNOLOGIES (CPT ) company supplies polyurethane raw materials for this technology .      




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